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             No.2/JCA/2012-13                                                                                 4th May 2012

                              DAY LONG MASS DHARNA ON 8-5-2012
Dear comrades,

The insensitive attitude of CBDT has forced us to embark on agitation. On 22nd March, the Central JCA served a letter on CBDT, requesting  for immediate steps to resolve grievances contained in 16 point common charter of demands. It was specifically requested to hold meeting with JCA leaders to settle issues within a month.  The Board, as usual ignored that letter. Another letter filed on 16th April  has also been ignored.  Absolutely  there are no efforts to redress our grievances. Sadly, the Chairman has refused to meet  ITGOA leaders even for a few minutes to discuss urgent issues.  This total careless attitude of CBDT  towards the promotee Officers and Staff has compelled us to tread the path of agitation. As a first step, day long MASS DHARNA will be staged on 8TH May in all CCIT/ CIT stations and a telegram to Chairman, CBDT to hold talks with JCA leaders will be sent . All local representatives are called upon to observe the agitation call , hold meetings to inform members about apathetic inaction of CBDT.  The 16 point  Common  Charter of demands is as under:

1.      Promotions: Hold supplementary DPC for 2011-12 and regular DPC for 2012-13 for  ACIT promotion.   Release DCIT Promotions as on 1.1.2011 & 1.1.2012.  Promote 2003 batch of IRS Officers to JCIT.
2.      Implement Cadre Composition proposal submitted by ITEF immediately
3.      Cadre Restructuring :
a.      Create Posts of PPS/Sr.PPS and AO-Grade-I/AO-Spl. Grade equal to posts  of Officers in SAG/HAG/HAG+/Apex Scale.
b.      Restore 207 posts DCIT posts in Grade of DCIT reduced by DOPT, be revived.
c.       Fill up all  posts by promotion by relaxing all Recruitment  & other Rules
d.      Constitute implementation Committee for Cadre Restructuring  with representation to JCA.
4.      Finalize All India Seniority list of ITOs  (especially  after 2001).  Direct all  CCIT(CCAs) to adopt uniform norms for determining seniority.
5.      Grant financial benefit to Office Superintendents & Stenographers Gr-1 on promotion. 
6.      Grant advance increment STA/ Stenographers Gr-2 on passing Deptal Exam

7.      Grant  GP of Rs.5400 to ITOs after 4 years  in PB-3 instead of PB-2. Fix GP  of A.O. Gr.-III & P.S. on  par with that of ITO.  Fix GP of Inspectors on  par with CBI Inspectors.  Issue clarification fixing scale of Rs.7450/- (pre-revised) to Inspectors, AOs and PSs.

8.      Implement  Apex Court order of  S.K. Shukla w.r.t correct date of promotion as DCIT in all similarly placed Officers.  Fix Inter-se-Seniority of Inspectors as per DOPT orders.

9.      Regularise Casual employess against MTS vacancies & Stop transferring casual workers to private contractors who only exploit them

10.   Grant Special pay  to all Officers & officials in Investigation, Central Circles, Audit etc AND Grant Deputation Allowance to officials of MSTU @ 30% in line with DTRTI.

11.  Transfer Policy & Transfers :
a.         Treat posting in the Directorates attached to CBDT as outside Delhi. Do not post officers on transfer back to Delhi (after cooling-off period) to Directorates without  consent.
b.      Retain officers  in highly deficient region within their  charge.
c.         Do not transfer Principal  Office bearers of ITGOA/ITEF (both CHQ. & UNITS) must be till their term of office and must not be transferred without their options.
d.       Resolve Grievances relating to Transfers of JCIT/DCIT/ACIT  in AGT 2012.

12.  Implement agreement with JCA on CPC functioning
13.  Implement Order for CAT-Mumbai granting notional effect w.e.f. 1.1.1996 to the revised Pay scale of ITO  &  ITI  immediately.
14.   Amend  IRS Recruitment Rules 1988  to  fill vacancies in the Grade of JCIT(JAG) & ACIT(JTS), whenever it exceeds 10% of the sanctioned strength by ad-hoc promotion of ACIT with 6-years and ITO of 3 years, which will be regularized after completion of required residual  period.
15.  Stop Out sourcing of regular nature of work & hiring of  DEOs in Steno.

16.  1% Incremental Incentive:
a.      Provide Laptops to AO & PS/Sr.PS & Inspector & new Laptops to newly promoted ITOs.
b.      Replace Laptops  issued 5 years back with a provision to retain the old Laptops.
c.       Grant 5 operational Vehicle to each Range.
d.      Provide Mobile handsets to all employees.
e.      Implement the report of Committee for utilization of Incentive pertaining to F.Y. 2009-10 and discuss with JCA before spending the 1% Incentive amount pertaining.
f.     Implement  the proposals submitted by the Committee and approved by the Board.

                                                                                        Fraternally  yours

                                                                                          Joint Conveners,
                                                                    Sd/-                                           Sd/-
                                       ( VInod )                         ( K.R.Narayana )
                         General Secretary, ITEF     General Secretary, ITGOA


  1. The ITEF was always lead by some Steno leaders, even though the strength of the union (about 85%) were ministerial cadres. They always made the authorities as well as the mainstream cadres tight-lipped to pave their way ahead with their own agenda. The Board and DoPT never wanted to include technical cadres in the feeder grades for promotion as Inspectors. Still they managed till now grabbing the post of Inspectors with 1985 Recruitment Rules ?! Even without a move from the mainstream cadres, the Board amended the ratio of ministerial cadres and stenos (3:1 to 4:1) excluding Steno-Gr-III from the feeder cadres in 2003. Again the Steno leaders, illegally, got it amended to continue the 1985 RR.
    This reveals the dormant condition of the mainstream cadres and leaders. Creeping into the cadre restructuring committee, they are trying to FOOL the ministerial cadres ! Now all cadres bearing GP 4200 are being merged to form ‘Executive Assistant’. We must understand that the post of AO will also be stolen from us along with Inspector post. But there must be only mainstream cadres in the feeder cadre for promotion as Inspectors and Administrative Officers. If this demand cannot be implemented, better keep off from the association – don’t get be-fooled anymore! Don’t be under mental slavery of some steno leaders anymore!

  2. Dear Comrade Purshothaman!
    If you would objectively look what the ITEF has collectively achieved till now, you'll perhaps restrain yourself from introducing biased attitude in unionism. It is a tragedy that one the members of the ITEF (I sincerely assume you are one) brings up divisive issues, after the leaders have rendered decades of unfettered service to the IT non gazetted staff fraternity. 'Steno Leader' or any other Leader does not matter as long as the organisation remains intact so as to retain and take further the cause of collective bargaining. 'Steno Leader' or any other leader, does not matter as long as the organisation is strong and it achieves the desired objectives. And what is this 'mainstream cadres'? Isn't every member of the ITEF from a mainstream? Kindly refrain from 'dividing' the ITEF on trivial issues.

    Thanks & Regards

    Sridhar P S, Income Tax Inspector, Bangalore.
    PS: I am not from the 'Steno Cadre'.