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                                                                                                                     Dated: 16-04-2013
Dear comrades,
Our efforts to get the support of ITEF for the agitation continued right from the beginning. However, in the meeting on 29th March at Mumbai, the ITEF leadership has informed our leaders that they will not be able to join the agitation in the present form and fresh agitation under JCA banner can be chalked out after finalizing common charter of demands. These views of the ITEF had to be respected and in that context the CHQ had requested us to inform our views. In the local EC meeting held on 10th, we had decided to request CHQ to make all efforts to get support of ITEF for the agitation and to continue the agitation side by side till JCA agitation was launched.

In the meeting held with CBDT on 12th April , the new Member (P&V) has requested the CHQ to suspend the agitation as the ITO to ACIT DPC is fixed for 20-04-2013. She has also assured to take positive measures in resolving genuine grievances of members.  On the same day a  secretariat meeting was held at Delhi wherein 13 units participated.  Our unit was represented by Com K.E.Rajan Zonal Secretary                    (South).  The said meeting had authorized national leadership (CHQ) to take appropriate decision about agitation keeping in mind in the overall welfare of members and considering the ground realities prevailing across the country.

The CHQ however, has decided to suspend the agitation with effect from 15-4-2013 for creating a conducive atmosphere needed for negotiation of our demands and to ensure that the ACIT promotion order is issued without any delay.  The fact that the Cadre restructuring is round the corner was also considered by it. At the same time the CBDT has been clearly told that our members will submit reports for the month of  March within a reasonable time as they require time to compile them. 

We share your   anxiety and frustration due to indefinite delay in promotion to the grade of ACIT and other important issues like non-finalization of All India Seniority List of ITO, Non-regularisation of Ad-hoc JCIT which is essential for Chain vacancies, Pay-scale and Laptop/data card matter to AO & PS, etc. However, as you would agree nothing much can be achieved by creating a stalemate. Let us abide by the decision of CHQ and suspend the agitation. We thank you for the active participation in agitation and demonstrating & strengthening the unity of ITGOA. 

Yours comradely

General Secretary, ITGOA, KTK & Goa

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