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Letter to CCIT regarding cadre restructuring

Income Tax  Gazetted  Officers  Association
Karnataka & Goa Unit, 1st Floor , C.R. Bldg. Annex, Queen’s Road Bangalore-1
President  :  Shashidhar S  Shet:    Vice Presidents  : K.A.Jamadar,   K.A.Chandrakumar & Sainathan Mudaliar                                                                      
 General Secretary :  K.R.Narayana      Addl  Secretary :  P.V.Narayana Sharma       
Treasurer : H.K. Rajakumar

No. ITGOA /CCIT/2012-13                                                 Date: 02-07-2013


The Chief Commissioner of Income Tax
Bangalore-1 Bangalore


Sub:  Brain storming session on Cadre Restructuring- Non-Participation –reg

Please refer to the above,

When committee for formulating Cadre Restructuring proposal was set up by CBDT, the representative from ITGOA was included. However after submission of the report, the CBDT has modified the report, secretly,  without taking the associations into confidence.   Finally grave injustice is done to our members by:
1.   Non filling up all fresh posts and consequential vacancies by promotion
2.   Deferring ACIT promotions to 5 installments instead of Filling up all posts in one go ( as is being done for all other cadres)
Further, no representative from ITGOA is included in the Core committee set up by CBDT for implementation of Cadre Restructuring. The details about the cabinet note and entire approval have not been shared with us. 
In these circumstances, our national leadership has decided to register strong protest against such unilateral decisions of CBDT by neglecting stake holders.  Accordingly we will not be participating in above session.
This is for your information.   

                                                                         Yours faithfully
                                                                    (P.V.NARAYANA SHARMA)
                                                                           Addl. Secretary

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