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Election Notice

Income Tax  Gazetted  Officers  Association,
KARNATAKA & GOA Unit, Ist Floor, C.R.Bldg. Annex, Queen’s Road, Bangalore 560 001
President       : Shashidhar Shet: 9448660614       : Vice President   : K.A.Jamadar : 9241342225
General Secretary :  K.E.Rajan 9448444481          : Joint. Secretary : K.Selvaraj     : 9449625520
Treasurer : P.V.Narayana Sharma: 9449490677
No.ITGOA/KAR&Goa/BGM/2011-12                                                 Date: 16-12-2011


                 Notice is hereby given for the B.G.M of I.T.G.O.A, Karnataka & Goa Unit, Bangalore, to be held on 16th January, 2012 from 10.30 am onwards, at 4th Floor, C.R.Bldgs., Queen’s Road, Bangalore, to deliberate on the following:


1. To review & adopt General Secretary’s Report for the years 2009-10, 2010-11 & 2011-12(part).
2. To discuss Organisational matters.
3. To adopt Policy, Programs and Resolutions.
4. To approve & adopt Accounts for 2009-10 & 2010-11.
5. To elect Office Bearers for next two year period i.e. 2012 - 2014.
6. To Appoint Auditor.
7. To discuss any other matter, with the permission of the chair.

Any member desirous of moving any resolution(s) may please send the same to the undersigned on or before 13th January 2012.
The Chief Commissioner of Income Tax (CCA) has been requested to grant special casual leave/permission to the Members to attend the BGM.  The Members coming from outstation are requested to submit special casual leave applications to the CCIT(CCA) through proper channel.                              
Election notification issued by the Election Officer is appended to this notice.       
                                                           (K.E.RAJAN )
                                            GENERAL SECRETARY,
                             ITGOA, KARNATAKA & GOA UNIT,  BANGALORE.

PS:  Lunch is arranged at 1-30pm at Krishna hall, 4th floor, CR Bldg.

Election notification & election schedule is appended below:-
Income Tax  Gazetted  Officers  Association,
Karnataka & Goa Unit, I floor, C.R.Bldg.Annex., Queen’s Rd., Bangalore – 560 001.

No.ITGOA/Election/1/2011.                                                                        Dated: 16th Dec. 2011.


In exercise of the powers vested by the Executive Body of ITGOA, Karnataka & Goa Unit, the election notification for the Executive Body of ITGOA, Karnataka & Goa Unit, for a two year term i.e. 2012-14 is hereby issued as under. Nominations are invited from the members of ITGOA, Karnataka & Goa Unit for the following posts of executive Body of ITGOA, Karnataka & Goa Unit:-                                                               
One Post 

Asst. Secretary
One Post
Two Posts

One Post
General Secretary
One Post

Zonal Secretary           
One Post (from Hubli)
Addl. Secretary
One Post

Zonal Secretary
One Post (from Panaji)
Joint Secretary
Two Post

E.C. Members
Six Posts (Pl. see note below)*

Out of Six posts of EC members one post each is exclusively reserved for Administrative Officer and Sr./P.S.  and one lady member.   Therefore, the members contesting for the post of E.C member should specifically mention whether he/she is contesting for the reserved post.   Those who have not paid subscription for 2011-12 are not eligible to contest/propose or second.

ELECTION SCHEDULE is appended to this notification.

Last date for submission of nomination form is 13-01-2012 at 1.00 PM.  Nomination form and withdrawal forms are published in the internet of the ITGOA i.e. http:// www. Itgoakargoa. forms are also available with the undersigned.  The duly filled in nominations may be sent to S.Sundara Raghavan, Income Tax Officer(PR), Room No.G-21, C.R.Bldg., Queen’s Road, Bangalore 560 001, on or before 13-01-2012 before 1.00pm.
Bangalore                                                          (S.SUNDARA RAGHAVAN )
Date: 16-12-2011                                       Income Tax Officer (Public Relations)
                                                           Election Officer, ITGOA, Karnataka & Goa Unit,


Last date for receiving nominations        :         13-01-2012 at 1.00 PM
Display of Valid Nominations                  :         13-01-2012 at 2.30 PM
Last date(time) for withdrawal               :         16-01-2012 at 1.30 PM
Display of final list of contestants           :          16-01-2012 at 2.30 PM

Date of election at Bangalore           :         16-01-2012 from 3.00 PM to 5.00PM

Counting and declaration of results        :         16-01-2012 from 5.30 PM onwards

Venue of Election                               :         ‘Cauvery’ Hall, 4th Floor, C.R.Bldg.Annx.
                                                                    Queen’s Road, Bangalore-560 001.

All the officers who are members as on 01-12-2011 are eligible to participate and contest in the elections.  All the promotee officers working in Karnataka & Goa Unit in the cadres of Addl.CIT, JCIT, DCIT, ACIT, ITO, Sr. PS, PS, AO, AD(Sys), DPA and ADOL, are members of ITGOA, Karnataka & Goa Unit.  The prescribed proforma which are enclosed shall be used for filing nominations and withdrawals.  The nominations and withdrawals should reach Sri S.Sundara Raghavan, ITO (PR), Room No.G-21, C.R.Bldg., Queen’s Road, Bangalore, as per the above schedule.

Nominations and withdrawals sent through Fax are not valid.

Incomplete nominations will be rejected. Nominations shall be signed in ink by the contestant, Proposer and Seconded. The proposer and the seconded shall be members of ITGOA, Karnataka & Goa Unit. The proposer and the seconder shall not propose or second more than one contestant for the same post.    

Bangalore                                                                  (S.SUNDARA RAGHAVAN )
Date: 16-12-2011                                                            ELECTIONS OFFICER

All the members of ITGOA, Karnataka & Goa Unit.

The General Secretary, ITGOA, Karnataka & Goa Unit

The Notice Board.

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