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Protest at Bangalore on visit of CBDT, Member(P&V)

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Zonal Secretary(C.Hq.)(South) - K.E.Rajan - 9448444481

       No. ITGOA/Agitation/2011-12                                                                          Date:10th Feb. 2012    

Protest at Bangalore on visit of CBDT, Member(P&V) 


We mobilized members from all building of Bangalore to hold black flag protest on the visit of Member (P&V) Smt. Manjari Kackar.  Apparently, on getting news of our protest, and to avoid meeting the agitated comrades, the venue of the official function was suddenly shifted to a private hotel.  This shows how open the authorities are for the peaceful, democratic protests. The persons who have done nothing wrong will have nothing to hide and will be ready to face peaceful, democratic protests.

Nevertheless we held the black flag protest and its pictures are for the information of members.

Yours comradely
General Secretary
Executive Committee Members:
Sri P.Suresh Rao, Smt.V.Umarani, Sri S.Sundara Raghavan,  Sri Alex Mathew, Sri S. Gururaj, Sri Shivarudraiah Swamy,
Smt. B.V.Latha, Sri Christopher Manohar, and Sri M.Rudrappa.   -  Hon Auditor Sri KVN Gupta


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