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Total withdrawal of agitation

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Total withdrawal of agitation

       The Central JCA in its meeting held on 21st March at New Delhi has decided to launch fresh agitation for pursuing the common charter of demands unanimously finalized by the national leadership of ITGOA & ITEF.  Accordingly a letter has been served on the Chairman, CBDT to hold formal meeting with JCA leaders to discuss the common charter of demands and to resolve them within a months’ time.

       In the meantime, the CBDT has released the ACIT promotion order on 28-03-2012. In view of these developments, the ongoing agitation of ITGOA has been fully withdrawn with effect from 29-03-2012. Despite the total withdrawal of agitation, our leadership has expressed its full resolve to seriously pursue other pending demands i.e. Review DPC for RY 2011-12 & Regular DPC for RY 2012-13, DCIT Promotion Orders, JCIT promotion orders, Issues regarding Grade Pay and Laptops to AO and PS etc. 

        Further, it has clarified to the Board that, our members will not submit statistical reports for January & February 2012. The CBDT has been urged to ensure that supervisory authorities don’t pressurize our members for the reports of earlier months.

        The charter of demands and the future course of agitation under JCA banner, will be intimated to the members as and when further decisions are taken at the national level. 

       Members are aware that promotion orders would not have seen the light of the day but for the sustained efforts of our leaders. On behalf of all members of Karnataka & Goa, we thank them whole heartedly. We also express  Hearty congratulations to all our members who are promoted as Assistant Commissioners.  

       Bangalore                                                                                  Fraternally yours
       29-03-2012                                                                                        Sd/-
                                                                                           General Secretary

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  1. Please publish the Common charter of demand of JCA and give wide publicity to ITEF and ITGOA comrades. Also publish the resolution which mentions that the agitation would be revived after one month if there is no proper response.