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Income Tax  Gazetted  Officers  Association
Karnataka & Goa Unit, 1st Floor , C.R. Bldg. Annex, Queen’s Road Bangalore-1
       President  :  Shashidhar S  Shet                                                                                      General Secretary :  K.R.Narayana    

No. ITGOA /CCIT/2012-13                                                             Date: 13-03-2013

                      (AN OPEN LETTER TO JCIT R-2, BELGAUM)
   Sub: Agitation by our members-your query under which rule is agitation- reg

The ITGOA Members are forced to go on agitation due to inaction of CBDT on our genuine demands. The notice for agitation has been served on the Chairperson CBDT and a copy forwarded to CCIT(CCA). During the course of telephone conversation on 8th March, you have asked me to clarify under which Rule ITGOA members are on agitation?  It is understood that similar query was posed to our members at Belgaum, Panaji and Mangalore. Since root of the agitation is in CBDT, it would have been better had you directed the query CBDT. Once notice is served on the Chairperson CBDT, the association is not obliged to clarify to other officers. However, as a token of our appreciation to your interest in our agitation, this letter is written.
As you are trying to find out the rule under which we are on agitation, we are also in search of answers for the following:
  1. Under which Rule the CBDT has been perennially delaying promotions to ACIT Cadre in utter disregard to DOPT Memoranda laying down strict timelines that, DPC for ensuing FY should held before 31st December of the current year?
  2. Under which Rule the CBDT has asked UPSC to defer ACIT, DPC fixed on 18-12-2012, in utter disregard to the assurance to our leaders (on the earlier day) that the DPC shall be held as scheduled?
  3. Under which Rule the CBDT has delayed DCIT promotions of 2006 batch by 18 months and 2007 batch by 10 months? (Please be informed that our demand for those promotions w.e.f 1-1-11 &  1-1-12 respectively will also benefit 100s of DR ACsIT of 2006 & 2007 batches)
  4. Under which Rule the CBDT is not regularizing ad-hoc promotions of JCsIT of 2000 & 2001 batch though Delhi HC has held that DPC is valid and when there is no stay granted by Apex court? Will it automatically stay the recovery of all tax demands, just because an appeal is filed against the order?
  5. Under which Rule the CBDT has opposed the up gradation of pay scales of AO and PS in the proceedings before High Power Committee, when as it was expected to support the demands of its employees as sensible employer?                                                                                                    
  1.  Under which Rule the CBDT has imposed functional responsibility of uploading TDS returns statements etc., on Admn. Officers without proving laptop/desktop and internet connection?
  2. Under which Rule the CBDT is trying clandestinely to amend IRS Rules without involving ITGOA, though our Members constitute around 50 % of IRS?
  3. The additional grant of 1% incentive was the result of hard work by every employee of the department. Under which Rule the CBDT/NADT is spending that fund for the foreign training and other benefits of only DR IRS officers and not parting even a small portion of it to other officers & employees of the department?
  4. Under which Rule did NADT cancel 2 weeks foreign training of newly promoted ACsIT in 2012 quoting flimsy reason of shortage of funds and within 2 weeks thereafter sent 30-40 Addl CsIT/CsIT to foreign training? (You were in NADT at that time and witness to the dejection of our Members towards such a horrible decision and your voice of dissent or protest was not heard by us)
  5. Under which Rule the CBDT is not filling huge number of vacant posts in JCIT & lower cadres in utter disregard to directions of Hon’ble FM in CCs conference ?
  6. Lastly, under which Rule the guest houses, official vehicles and operational vehicles are being misused by a certain section of officers while continuing to draw connected allowances?
We request for your assistance in finding answers to above questions, as the sum total of these answers will be the suitable reply to your query. Till then, we request you to exercise patience and not to pressurize our members.                                                                            
                                                                 Yours faithfully    
                                                                      sd/-                                                                                                                                                (K.R.Narayana)
                                                                General Secretary

Copy to: Com. Rajesh Menon, Secretary General, ITGOA, New Delhi for information.

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