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Central JCA suspends the ongoing agitation

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Joint Convenors
KP Rajagopal & Rajesh D Menon
Cir.M-12/12-15/                                                                                   Dated: 17th August,2012

Dear Comrades,

The Central JCA thanks all the members for making the ongoing agitation of non-cooperation a
grand success and this has created sufficient pressure on the Board for a genuine re-thinking on the 16-point Charter of Demand. The positive attitude of the present Chairperson and Members of CBDT has resulted in the constitution of an interim Committee with two Member-CBDT to examine the issues raised by the JCA and suggest actions to be taken on those issues to the Chairman CBDT within a fortnight. Members may recall that it was after a sustained agitation in 2006, the system of Quarterly Review Meeting with Chairman and Bi-monthly meeting with the Member (P) was introduced. But of late, this system was less & less effective, because of Short tenure of the incumbents-in-office, Contradictory stands taken by them, Delay in circulating the minutes, Non-monitoring of implementation of the decision by the subordinate Offices etc. Further, the meetings per-se was delayed beyond 6 months. It was in this context that we demanded a Permanent Grievance Redressal Machinery of sorts to resolve our problems and grievances. The present Chairperson and Members of the CBDT have agreed in principle for setting up of such a Mechanism.The above Interim Committee is mandated by the terms of reference, to suggest ways and means for setting up of a Permanent Mechanism to resolve our issues. Apart from discussing and negotiating our issues with the Committee we will be suggesting the framework for such a mechanism for a smooth resolution of our issues in that forum.

Comrades, we are aware that most of demands listed in the Charter of Demands cannot have an across-the table solution. The present situation has arisen due to non-implementation and insincere attitude of the authorities at all levels in resolving our issues. With the present change in the attitude on the part of the Chairperson and Members of CBDT, we are sure that the situation will change and there will be sincere efforts to pursue our issues with various departments and authorities. Therefore, Central JCA has decided to suspend the present agitation forthwith to bring about a conducive atmosphere for negotiation with the Interim Committee and the CBDT. Nevertheless we must always be prepared to take-out our weapon of agitation from the arsenal, in case the conducive atmosphere created by our gesture fails to clinch the issues.

While recording our sincere gratitude to all the members of JCA and leadership of State JCAs for bringing the necessary compulsion on the authorities, through their sincere efforts by making the agitation 100% successful, all the members are requested to bring back normalcy to the working atmosphere at the earliest, such as to exhibit our sincerity in sustaining the good-will atmosphere.

With greetings,
                                                                                            Yours fraternally,
                                                                            Sd/-                       Sd/-                   
   (K.P. Rajagopal) (Rajesh D. Menon)

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