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Minutes of EC meeting held on 22-08-2012

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Sri Shashidhar Shet, ITO
Sri K.A.Jamadar, JCIT
Vice President
Sri K.R.Narayana, ACIT
General Secretary
Sri Narayana Sharma ITO
Additional Secretary
Smt. M.Devaki, ITO
Assistant Secretary
Sri H.K.Rajkumar, ITO
Sri P.Suresh Rao, ACIT
EC Member
Smt V. Umarani , ITO
EC Member
Sri  Subbarao Gururaj, ITO
EC Member
Sri  K.E.Rajan  ITO
EC Member
Sri Shivarudraiah Swamy ITO
EC Member
Sri Christopher Manohar AO
EC Member
Smt  B.V.Latha  P S
EC Member
Sri K.V.N.Guptha
Hon. Auditor
The meeting commenced at 6 PM with Com President in the chair. Initiating the discussions  Com President thanked all  JCA members in general and ITGOA members  in particular for their whole hearted involvement in the JCA agitation and making it very effective. After that, he  requested General Secretary to brief the EC about the way the agitation progressed and  the central JCA’s decision to  suspend the agitation.
Central JCA decision to  suspend the agitation:
General Secretary informed the EC that starting from 12th July, all agitation  programmes were fully implemented with total co-operation of the members.  There were stray incidents of pressure applied on members for submission of reports and they were tackled effectively with the cooperation of JCA partners. He thanked the office bearers and EC members of  ITEF and ITGOA for their  total involvement during the entire course of  agitation.  As regards suspension of agitation by Central JCA, he read out  JCA circular dated 17-08-2012 and ITGOA circular dated 18-08-2012 which explained the circumstances under which agitation was suspended.   He brought to notice of EC, the contents of e-mail received from Com S.Srinivas, ITO Mangalore and Com Srinivas Khanna, ITO Bangalore expressing strong reservations about the  manner in which the agitation was suspended and his(GS) replies to them. The views  expressed by  Com. Marenna, JCIT Regional secretary Gulbarga, Belgaum region  and  SMSs received from Davangere region members were also brought to the notice of the EC.
As regards the question- Whether the units were consulted before suspending the agitation? he replied that there was no such consultation. He only got wind of  it when Com Jayadevan, Joint Secretary CHQ ITGOA called him around 7.30 AM on 17th to inform that Central JCA is scheduled to meet that day to take a decision on agitation.  He also informed the EC about the telephone call he made to All India President and Treasurer expressing reservation about total suspension of agitation. Both the leaders have informed that :
1.     The Chairperson had called the JCA leaders  on 16th for discussions and positive attitudes were displayed and JCA was requested to withdraw agitation. By the same evening a committee was setup to negotiate with JCA. 
2.     To create conducive atmosphere for negotiation, agitation was suspended, reserving the right to revive it at any time, if sincere efforts are not made to resolve the charter of demands .
The EC discussed view of JCA leaders at national level. While deciding unanimously to follow the central JCA decision, it was decided to convey the following views of the Karnataka & Goa unit.
1.     The state units should have been consulted before taking a final decision
2.     In order to respond to positive attitude of CBDT chairperson and to create conducive atmosphere for negotiations, it would have been sufficient to relax the agitation partially instead of suspending it  totally for an  indefinite period.
3.     Calling for agitations frequently and suspending them abruptly will erode the image of the associations and demoralize the members. Hence such things should be avoided in future.
4.     While deciding to suspend the agitation, we should have insisted that JCA comrades will not submit reports for which due dates have already elapsed.  In the absence of any such decision this time, members are subjected  to untold pressure to submit all reports within no time.   

 Local JCA decision not allow outsourcing persons  from 1-08-2012:
The GS drew attention of EC to the following :
·        EC decision on 06-06-2012, not to allow outsourcing persons  in view of the serious refund irregularities reported in the department. 
·        The subsequent discussions with ITEF and the Local JCA decisions not to allow outsourcing persons  from 01-08-2012.
·        The  position about the complaints lodged with local police.
·        Handing over of one case to CBI by the Administration.
·        The present plight of  officers who exhibited  high level of sincerity by absorbing all pressures of higher ups, working overtime  to complete huge work load of processing and now how they are left in lurch by passing remarks “your codes are involved and you have to take  responsibility”
The views expressed by Belgaum region to permit outsourcing persons and  Gulbarga region views not to allow them were considered by EC.  The difficulties faced by the field officers were discussed at length.  The trauma faced by the officers affected by irregular refunds were taken note of.  After detailed discussions the EC arrived at following decisions:

1.     In view of the fact that the responsibility is thrust on the officers whose code was used, in case of  such irregularities, and since ITEF comrades have promised full cooperation in data entry and processing related works, it is unanimously decided to continue the ban on allowing outsourcing persons to work in our offices by reaffirming  its decision dated 06-06-2012 and Local JCA  decision dated 14-06-2012.
2.     Since oficers handling  salary cases have huge work load of paper returns,  special arrangement  should be made for extending cooperation to such officers by our own departmental personnel in consultation with  JCA partner and Administration.
3.     In order to enable members to handle the responsibility  more effectively, the administration should be requested to conduct focused training on a war footing.
4.     Wherever the officers do not have staff to do data entry, the administration should be requested not to exert pressure for return processing. Instead administration should be requested to ensure equitable distribution of work and available human and other resources.  

Review DPC for Adhoc ITOs of 2005 batch:
The GS informed that the administration has indicated that if review DPC is done, some of the retired comrades will be put to disadvantage in terms of pay and increments.  The EC felt that GP will not be affected since it was granted only on completion of 4 years from their regularization i.e. 9-1-2007.  As regards increment related issues, the GS was directed to discuss the matter in detail with the  administration and report to EC for taking suitable decision.

The meeting concluded at 8.15 PM.

As approved by the President
General Secretary
ITGOA,  Karnataka & Goa


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