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       No.4/JCA/2012-13                                                                                               24th August  2012 
 Continued Ban on Out-sourced persons &  Why agitation was suspended ?

Dear comrades,

Your  whole hearted participation in all phases of agitation has created tremendous pressure on the Board. We express sincere gratitude to all comrades for making the agitation 100% success.  The Board has now set up an interim committee to examine & suggest the course of action on our demands and for establishing a Permanent Grievance Redressal Machinery within a fortnight. It was for this reason and to create conducive atmosphere for discussion, our central  leadership has decided to suspend the agitation from 17th August.   The local JCA in its meeting on 23rd August shared the displeasure amongst members about abrupt suspension of agitation and decided to communicate the following to the central leadership:

  1.  Abrupt suspension of agitation may demoralize members.
  2. Before deciding to suspend the agitation, the local JCA units should have been consulted.
  3. To create conducive atmosphere for negotiations, instead of total suspension, certain terms of agitation could have been relaxed.

The above apart, the national leadership had a meeting the interim committee and DGIT(HRD) on 22nd  and issued   detailed circular on 23rd.  For your easy understanding we bring out below the gist of the said circular.   

Our demand
          Outcome of the meeting with DIT/DGIT(HRD)
Implement Cadre Composition proposal submitted by ITEF
Directorate has assured that the proposal for merger of cadres with same GP  and  merger of SCD into mainstream will be expedited and put up to Board for approval
Issue clarification fixing scale of Rs.7450/- (pre-revised) to Inspectors, AOs and PSs       
Directorate  will pursue the matter which is pending the Dept of Expenditure
Grant advance increment STA/ Stenographers Gr-2 on passing Deptal Exam.
Directorate  will pursue the matter which is pending the Dept of Expenditure
Grant financial benefit to Office Superintendents & Stenographers Gr-1 on promotion
The Govt  has agreed in the anomaly committee to grant incremental benefit  


       Outcome of the meeting with  interim committee
Cadre Restructuring 

The matter is pending with committee of Secretaries and impasse continues despite sufficient inputs and justifications given by CBDT. It is decided to send joint team of association representatives and officials handling the matter to meet FM, after arriving at consensus on contentious issues
Implement agreement with JCA on CPC functioning  & Stop Out sourcing of regular nature of work & hiring of  DEOs in Steno.
Decided to meet again in presence of DGIT(Sys). Status quo will be maintained till finality is reached.
Regularize Casual employees against MTS vacancies
Decided that ITEF will  give details of situation in other Depts and how Railways regularized them
Mobile handsets to all
Decided to direct CIT( C&S) to put up file for approval as the matter was already decided in Quarterly review meeting
ITO to AC promotions
Proposals for back log vacancy of 2011-12 and regular panel for 2012-13 will be sent to UPSC before 28-08-2012
Regularization of Ad-hoc JCs and filling up consequential vacancies
Letter already sent to UPSC to regularize 295 JCITs promoted on 30-03-2011.  This will be followed up. Once that is through, the cases of subsequent ad-hoc JCs will also be sent to UPSC.  Consequential vacancies in AC cadre will be filled up in time bound manner.
AC to DC promotion
Letter sent to DOPT for one time relaxation to give promotion from 1-1-2011 for 2006 batch. That will be followed up. The 2007 batch will be promoted before 15th September 2012(relaxation to give promotion from 1-1-2012 will be sought). Work of Promotion of 2008 batch will start immediately to grant promotion from 1-1-2013.
All India Seniority list of ITOs
Authenticated data will be called from CCAs by 7-9-2012 and list will be compiled thereafter
S.K. Shukla case implementation
Decided to defer the issue as court cases are involved
Transfer grievances
AC/DC transfer matters will be put up to Chairperson on 23rd. Those request unable to be met now will be considered when AC promotions take place or  in AGT 2013
1% Incremental Incentive:
CIT(Coordination ) is asked to follow up with concerned authorities and report back before next  meeting of  the committee.
Objection to concept of year of Induction
Committee will find out from DGIT(HRD) about status of the file and assurance given by Chairman on 30th May for calling the file back. 
Implement Order for CAT-Mumbai granting notional effect w.e.f. 1.1.1996
Law ministry advised against filing appeal but Dept of Exp.  advised to file appeal.  ITGOA will submit detailed note for accepting the CAT order. Matter will again be taken up with Dept of Expenditure.
Grant Deputation Allowance to officials of MSTU @ 30% in line with DTRTI.

Urgent need to apply uniform allowance felt by committee. JCA will submit detailed note on this and the same will be followed up with HRD and CBDT.
Setting up of Permanent Grievance Redressal Machinery
JCA will submit written suggestion and the same will be finalized in the next meeting of the committee.

Comrades, it is true that all our demands are not likely to be settled forthwith. But the agitation has certainly forced the Board to wake up from slumber and act upon our demands.  The JCIT promotion order of 2003 batch and shortly expected DC promotion order of 2007 batch were due to the pressure generated by the agitation.                          

For many years we are demanding setting up of a permanent grievance redressal machinery, so that we need not run from pillar to post every time.  Agitation has laid foundation for realization of this demand. The above shows that we have not drawn a blank in this agitation, which is only suspended for the time being and not withdrawn totally. We need to keep in mind the commitment of the Central leaders to revive agitation if no sincere efforts are made by authorities. While judging the result of any agitation, we need to remember that little can be achieved by creating a stalemate.
Ban on Out-sourced persons

Dear comrades, as we are aware, the work in the department has increased in geometric proportion in last 10-15 years without corresponding increase in man power. The 2001 cadre restructuring has compounded the problem  by creating more commanders than soldiers. Though we fought and got additional 7051 posts, it was insufficient to meet the mountain of work. While the tax payers demanded time bound refunds the officers had no staff, no proper connectivity, computers were out dated, worst infrastructure etc. The bosses thought that their duty ends with fixing targets and deadlines and turned blind eye to the practical difficulties at the grass root level.  It was under these compelling circumstances  that some of our comrades took the help of outsourced persons provided by the department for data entry and ensured tax payer services and met targets fixed. Please look at the plight of such officers once refund irregularities were  noticed. The bosses have washed off their hands. Bosses of bosses have told that “your codes are involved and you have to take responsibility”. Police complaints have been lodged where names of comrades are also mentioned. One case has been referred over to CBI. The officers who went out of the way to complete the huge work load are now left in lurch and spending sleepless nights.

Comrades, we cannot ignore another angle to the issue. Excessive reliance on outsourced persons has eroded our capabilities, dried up our urge to learn and made us  totally dependent on them though they have no accountability whatsoever to the Department. The unenviable condition of officers/officials was misused by some criminally minded outsourced persons. Had we developed skills of our own TA/STA/MTS/Inspectors we would not have landed up in such a precarious condition. Further, not reporting of pendency has denied many posts to our charge in earlier cadre reviews, no doubt it  will  adversely impact on us in ensuing one also.  Aren’t these episodes not enough to learn safety lessons?  Should we continue playing with fire and get burnt?   It was in this backdrop the Local JCA met on 14th June 2012 and decided as under:

1.       In wake of the recent complaints about fraudulent refunds, it is unanimously decided to not to allow outsourcing persons  for processing of returns and all other functions like data entry, processing, secretarial works and clerical works etc.  -
2.      To provide some time for members for assuming additional responsibilities, it is decided to make the above decision effective from 1.8.2012. 
3.      No paper returns will be sent to CPC. Our own comrades will only do those functions as per the roles allotted to them. They will not share their user id and passwords to anyone under any circumstances.
4.      The new system may result in slack in processing work initially. The members should report actual numbers to bosses. In case of any pressure, they should explain politely and confidently that “Whatever best could be done with available manpower has been done”
5.      The members should report the actual pendency.  This will force the administration to fill up all sanctioned posts. 
6.      In the cases already reported, none of our members be victimized since the situation is the creation of the systems failure arising out of enormous work pressure and inadequate manpower. 
Even before the above decisions were communicated to members, the central JCA agitation started banning outsourced persons from our offices w.e.f. 1.8.2012.  Though the Central JCA agitation is now suspended, the decisions of the local JCA are in force.  The local JCA reviewed the condition in its latest meeting on 23.8.2012 and arrived at the following unanimous decisions:
1.      In the wake of peculiar circumstances prevailing in Karnataka & Goa , after a review and extensive deliberations, it is decided to reiterate its earlier decision not to allow outsourcing persons to work in our offices.
2.      In the last 15 days, when the outsourced persons were not allowed, our comrades have put in efforts to learn the tasks and functions.  This positive attitude of members is not only to be encouraged but also other comrades be urged to follow the same. 
3.      Allowing outsourced persons at this juncture will jeopardize our cases before police & CBI.
4.      Not allowing outsourcing persons will result in more pendency. This help us in seeking more manpower in our own cadres and generate pressure to fill up all sanctioned posts.  It will also prompt the administration to ensure equitable distribution of work and provide sufficient  manpower. 
5.      The administration will be requested to provide training to all officials and officers in all cadres, on the computer skills and other applications needed for AST and ITD. 
6.      “Outsourcing persons” is further qualified to exclude only the house-keeping, security, contingents and drivers.  All others are covered in the definition of outsourcing persons.

All comrades are informed that the above decisions were taken for the present and future welfare of members. Hence all members are called upon to implement them in letter and spirit. Let us not succumb to any sort of pressures and invite more problems. Let us  pull up the socks and rise to the occasion.  Any difficulties in the matter may please brought to our notice immediately.  Help us to you serve better.                        
   Fraternally  yours
Sd/-                                                Sd/-
                                                                         ( VINOD )                         ( K.R.NARAYANA )
                                     General Secretary, ITEF        General Secretary, ITGOA
                                                 8762300111                     8762300942/ 080-23452455
Message for ITEF comrades:

The RCM is fixed for 24th September. All Vice-presidents, Regional Presidents and Regional Secretaries are requested to send new points by 5th September without fail.
( VINOD )   
General Secretary, ITEF                             

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